Lera Auerbach “72 angels“

Sunday 23. 04. 2017 16.00
Tartu, Jaani Church

Lera Auerbach “72 angels“

Chamber Choir Collegium Musicale
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet
Conductor Endrik Üksvärav

Ticket price: 15 €

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“It is a piece of great size (ca 72 min) for mixed choir and a saxophone quartet; it is a musical meditation on the theme of the names of 72 angels in the Bible in Hebrew. Every angel has its own special quality that it is representing, such as love, health, forgiveness and the quality is expressed in the part with its name. The composition is divided into two bigger parts and also into three on religious unity and sharing principle: two in one and three in one. The piece will end with an Amen meditation, which bases on the harmony and sound colours of higher sounds.”
- Lera Auerbach

The piece “72 angels” world premiere will be by the Lowlands Chamber Choir and the Racher Saxophone Quartet in the November of 2016, conducted by Peter Dijkstra. In addition to the orderers of the piece and the premiere performers, there are also Swedish Radio Choir, Collegium Musicale from Estonia, Vocalforum Graz from Austria and Cracow Singers from Poland.

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