The State Concert Institute Eesti Kontsert

The musical scope of Eesti Kontsert encompasses symphonic and chamber music, jazz, choral music, electronic acoustic music and music for children. The State Concert Institute Eesti Kontsert (hereinafter Eesti Kontsert) organizes 1000 concerts and different musical events per year in Estonia and abroad as well. Eesti Kontsert services music institutions, individual performers and other concert agencies. Among the ranks of Eesti Kontsert there are two internationally renowned groups: Estonian National Male Choir and the early music consort Hortus Musicus.

Every year Eesti Kontsert organizes numerous international music festivals such as Tallinn Piano Festival, Saaremaa Opera Festival, Tallinn International Organ Festival, Pärnu Opera Days, Music of Seven Cities, MustonenFest etc.
Eesti Kontsert holds concerts in schools and outdoors, in chamber halls all over Estonia, offers concert series for rural municipalities, music institutions and local concert arrangers/managers across the state.

Eesti Kontsert manages the largest concert halls in Estonia – Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn, Vanemuine Concert Hall in Tartu, Pärnu Concert Hall and Jõhvi Concert Hall. Also, since February 2011 Eesti Kontsert has concert hall in Russia, St Petersburg St John's Church. All the aforementioned halls have excellent acoustics and capacity to seat approximately one thousand visitors per hall, are furnished with modern interiors and equipped with the latest technical equipment.

As a concert venue, the possible uses of Concert Halls are limited only by the organizer’s vision and imagination. Both the large casts of major symphonic works and pop musicians have felt equally at home on stage.

The removable chair system of the Halls enables to transform the academic concert atmosphere to a opera house, conference facility, a concert hall or a ballroom. It is also convenient to hold banquets, fashion shows, concert-receptions, gala events, song contests, anniversaries, graduation festivities, exhibitions and charity events in the same Halls.

As we are the largest concert organization in Estonia, our audience is everywhere and we have concerts to every taste. We are proud about our program, performers and concerts. As we are an institution of culture and mission, we depend very much on benevolent supporters and sponsors. We do hope, that you'll find from our concert programs a lot to enjoy and to support.

We invite you to cooperation on behalf of high quality musical experience!


Jüri Leiten
Eesti Kontsert, general director