„Here is the song“ - Voldemar Kuslap 80

Sunday 24. 09. 2017 16.00
Tallinn, Estonia Concert Hall

„Here is the song“ - Voldemar Kuslap 80

Voldemar Kuslap (vocal)
Karmen Puis (soprano)
Henn Rebane (accordion)
Band directed by Urmas Lattikas

melodies from operettas, Estonian popular music classics, songs from Frank Sinatra repertoire.
Arrangements of Kuslap’s hits by Urmas Lattikas.

Ticket price: 8-15 €

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Voldemar Kuslap
The concert programme „Here is the song“ is an opportunity to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of the living legends of Estonian music. Having retained his gallant gentlemanly style, the beloved soloist of the Estonian National Opera, „Wild knight“ Voldemar Kuslap, is known to many Estonians as an opera and operetta star, the star of the classic movie ‘Men don’t cry’, and as a pop singer. Maestro Kuslap is happy to still be on stage, and drives himself to his various performances across Estonia from his apartment in Mustamäe.

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