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The tickets sales for additional performance of "Adam´s Passion" by Arvo Pärt and Robert Wilson's have begun.

20 november 2014

The ticket sales for performances at Noblessner Foundry have been successful therefore the producers of the production Eesti Kontsert and Change Performing Arts (CPA) Milan, have decided to organise additional public performance on May 14th 2015.


The Estonian National Male Choir celebrates its 70th anniversary on the 16th of November.

11 november 2014

The choir was founded in 1944 by the conductor Gustav Ernesaks as part of Estonian National Philharmonics of Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The ticket sales for music theatre production “Adam's Passion” by Arvo Pärt and Robert Wilson have begun

03 november 2014

The tickets, priced 65 EUR (until the January 1st 2015) for the performances for May 12/13/16, 2015 are available at the box offices of Eesti Kontsert.