Music in Estonia

Exciting performers and programs from Estonia promoted by Eesti Kontsert

Eesti Kontsert is the leading concert and festival organizer in Estonia. One of the priorities of Eesti Kontsert is Estonian music export, to introduce the best of Estonian culture and music to the international arena.

Eesti Kontsert has arranged and co-produced numerous music events abroad. Among latest successes, the major tours to China stand out (autumn 2014). Four performing ensemble, altogether 70 musicians, performed in six principal cities, In autumn 2015 Estonian National Male Choir, Estonian Dream Big Band and Estonian Pianists Orchestra performed at the festivals in Shanghai and Beijing.

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Mrs. Svea Ideon-Marks (
Mr. Madis Kolk (
Resident ensembles at Eesti Kontsert
Estonian National Male Choir (see more)
The largest full-time professional male choir in the world, certainly one of the best (Grammy Award, 2004). Tours regularly in many countries, performing oratorios with renowned symphony orchestras and a cappella concerts.

Hortus Musicus, early music ensemble (see more)
One of the first of it’s kind in all North-East Europe region and the oldest continuing. Performs highly original versions of European medieval music and contemporary compositions.

Programs, projects
Adam´s Passion (see more)
A collaboration by two world-famous artists, Estonian composer Arvo Pärt and American theatre director Robert Wilson, premiered in May 2015.

Swan Bone City (see more)
A new multimedia opera by Ülo Krigul, to be premiered in 2016

Mechanical Piano (see more)
An audiovisual performance by AudioKinetica

Stockhausen’s Music Theatre Series
YXUS Ensemble presents the three programs by Karlheinz Stockhausen
“Herbstmusik” (see more)
“Tierkreis” (see more)
(see more)
YXUS Ensemble is a bright new contemporary music group, established in early 2013 by the core members of the NYYD Ensemble, the principal ensemble for contemporary music in Estonia in past decade.

Audience Orchestra (see more)
an interactive experiment/concert developed and performed by Ensemble U:

„Diva” (see more)
A classical music concert that turns into theatre

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir (see more)

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
(see more)

Estonian Piano Orchestra
(see more)

Estonian National Opera Boys Choir
(see more)

Estonian TV Girls Choir
(see more)

Handbell Ensemble Arsis
(see more)

C-Jam Cello Quartet
(see more)

Una Corda
(see more)

Estonian Dream Big Band
(see more)

Estonian Voices
(see more)

Rein Rannap
(see more)

Mihkel Poll (see more)